200 Dignity Bags donated for Women in Refuge
23 September 2022 :  Rotary Club of Taree turned over the remainder of total 200 Dignity bags to Suzanne Rowe (Manager) and Kiarni McFawn (Case Worker) of Samaritan Foundation.  
From left:  Community Service Director David Denning, Suzanne Rowe and Kiarni McFawn of Samaritan Foundation,Youth Director Susie Ploder.
Thanks to Jean Hailes Foundation for the bags and to 111 Registrants to our recently concluded Women’s Health Week Gala Dinner (Sept 5th) - part of each one’s registration fee went towards the cost of filling up these dignity bags.  Hiraya MidCoast Women's Health Clinic staff Rebecca Lewis and Jane Wright along with Friends of Rotary Linda Elliott and Hannah Evenden helped organize the event with Rotary CLub of Taree project committee.
From left:  David Denning, President Grace Maano, Susie Ploder.

We also thank Woolworths and Coles for donation of $50 voucher each which were used to buy more toiletries and personal hygiene products to go in the dignity bags.  Priceline Pharmacy in Taree and Blooms Chemist donated goodies and freebies to go in the dignity bags. 
It is a longstanding big social issue –there is not enough accommodation for women victims of domestic violence and homelessness. Currently Taree Women Refuge which has 5 bedrooms is at full capacity.  The have around 5-10 families at different times being housed in motels having to rent at least $300/wk which is not affordable for single parent with a number of children.
Sept 19th Club Meeting initial turnover of 10 dignity bags.  From left: Grace Maano, Suzie Rowe, Kiarni McFawn, David Denning
In our own little way, we hope the Dignity bags alleviate the suffering of these people.  10 bags were initially turned over at the Rotary Club of Taree meeting on the 19th of September and Suzie Rowe reported that 4 of these dignity bags were already put to use within less than a week.  We are very happy to learn that not only Taree refuge will benefit but the dignity bags will be shared with other agencies such as Great Lakes Women's Shelter, Manning Support Services, Youth Services, Catholic Care, Home in Place and Manning Hospital Social Work Department.
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