CHILDHOOD - Born end WW2 – in Concord and lived in Concord - parents Horace and Mavis Denning – dad did not go to war as he worked making war machinery as a die Caster.
School- North Strathfield primary and Ashfield secondary Technical college - left in year 9 (3rd Class Intermediate Certificate passed all subject) - 1960
What I could do- Dad wanted me to be a Fitter and Turner, would have liked to be a rich plumber but hated my metal work teacher and soldering or I could have joined the Navy except for 3 reasons 1) Wayne Whelan –Nerd, 2) Loved home and brothers so was not keen to be away from them.
3) Can’t swim, hate cold water and ocean, have pool but hate the cold water and swimming.
EARLY BEGINNING - As I was only just 15 I could not get job as you had to be 15 & 4 month so did a pre apprenticeship in Carpentry and Joinery at North Sydney Tafe. 1961
1962 - Got an apprenticeship with project builder Gavan and Shalala from Bankstown, Building triple fronted red brick veneer houses, we only did the fix out. Worked there 12 months then put off as everyone went suby’s, one of the first home builders to do that and my boss did not want me.
Rang up local builders including J P Cordukes Pty Ltd  and a church friend Judy answered phone, so I got the job. After 3 years 1966 I was promoted to a site foreman, first job from scratch was Spit Junction Post Office, then a 8 storey block of units at North Steyne beach (Manly) finished the concrete frame and started the brickwork (Bricky killed) then promoted to project manager after 1 year as site foreman (Due to mentioning my Health and Building Course)
Project manager, first project - in charge of RSPCA home Chullora.  Sans Souci Post office, Autistic Children’s home Frenches Forest, Bankstown Telephone exchange, 3 storey units a Five Dock & Croydon, Strathfield technical College (TAFE), Meet john Mundy – brickie toilet story, plus others all over Sydney.
Why not become a builder – Late Dec 1972 DENNING CONSTRUCTIONS PTY LTD was born.  Have only worked by recommendations.  Did about 400 alterations and additions many to my plans and specifications plus about 150 homes both my designs and Architects. Built Spec homes with an Architect Friend who now designs Private schools including Manning Valley Anglican College – Our Company was called Standen Holdings.
Personal Life –Brought up as a Baptist, Grandfather was a Baptist Minister and Carpenter, when I married Judith change to Anglican.
Met my first wife Vickii Larraine Tass (Her mum and Dad will be 94 this month) in 1962 when she was 16 and me 17- had to pick her up for Sunday school. Married 9th March 1968 – Bought a House in Oakland Ave. Baulkham Hills, move after 3 years to a bigger house in Park Rd. Baulkham Hills, then in 1979 moved to Oakville near Windsor on 5 acres and built our home.
Have 4 daughters Karen, Jodie died at 6 weeks, Kim and Danielle –all Married with 2 kids each. Vickii died of Liver Cancer 4th April 1996.
Married Judith Torrens 9th November 2000 – met at a blind date to the ballet – 3 step kids – Glen, Georgina and Gerry + 5 grandkids and Grant Torrens. Moved up to Pampoolah in 2009 and retired, went back on a Monday to Wednesday for about 2 years to wind the business up and close it
down. Judy died 9th September 2013 from chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
Meet Sandi again Blind date but she decided to move to Port Macquarie – still friends was up there on Friday.
Back to what happened to Wayne Whelan.
Met Bill at the Baptist Church around 1985 – visited submarine and recognized Wayne across the engine, he was an officer and the weapon control officer, held Australia security in his hands.
Story Why Bill – bag had WW on it everyone thought W = William then Bill, Barbara at their wedding when minister asked do you take Wayne she said no I’m marrying Bill. We are still good friends.
If a Nerd can get that far what could I have achieved- The sky was the limit I could have been Rear Admiral SIR DAVID DENNING governor General of Australia.
Dame you Wayne/Bill Whelan.
Finally I am happy that I was a Building Contractor and Carpenter by Trade, it’s very handy.
Life is funny, you have no idea where you may end up- but I have a Christian faith so I believe God has a hand in what you do and the decisions you make – good or bad.