This week's contribution provided by Alan Small
Will anything good come out of the treacherous Covid-19 Pandemic when it has finally passed.
There will likely be a stronger sense of community in Australia than we have known for decades.
In isolation people will discover new values and personal skills; neighbours will be appreciated more than ever.
We will likely re-invent our ability to manufacture rather than rely on one main price-based nation. Specialist skills from medicine, engineering, technology, communication and creativity – will become valued more; TAFE and training colleges will gradually be reinvigorated to upskill the nation. “Free Trade” agreements are likely to come under the microscope because it is already understood that some nations fudge the figures to our disadvantage. Farming and farmers will be much better understood and appreciated for their value and world-class practices; young people will understand that the world will only be as good as they are prepared to make it – a good life will need to be earned.
Hopefully Australia will look much harder at who owns what, where they are from and what they are doing with that investment.
And here’s a hope: more people will look to their local businesses and professionals for goods and services. This in turn may have a profound effect on local markets where producers in ever increasing numbers, can sell directly to their customers creating a greater local economy.
In short, there’s a strong possibility that Australia is about to become of age and be a greater power for good and advancement in the Western Pacific, not only within our borders but also to our valuable neighbouring nations.
Covid-19, evil as it is, may cause vital evaluation of just about everything and in many peoples’ minds that re-set is long overdue.