Sergeant at Arms Bruce Moy called us to order and proposed the toast to RI, The Queen and Australia
President Ross opened the meeting and welcomed members and guests to our meeting proposing a toast to the Tinonee RFS members attending, who would be presented with a new radio for their second truck. He mentioned Neil Taylor who was presenting his new member talk this evening. Ross reminded members of Marion Woollard’s Funeral at 11am Wednesday. He acknowledged our partner Rotary Club of Okayama Chuo in Japan for their gift towards the Bushfire Appeal, and their delightful Christmas card. Ross also announced that PP David Denning is President Elect for 2020-2021.
David Denning reminded members about aspects of the program into the future as reflected in the Diary of Club Events. Bruce Moy spoke about “Take a break on us”, which was followed by a fine session. President Ross presented the Tinonee RFS team (7 members attended) with a new truck radio. Bruce, one of the Fire-fighters described efforts to save his own home in Tinonee during the recent fires.
Neil Taylor spoke about his life and people that inspired and challenged him, how the Rotary Vision resonated with his own values and priorities, and thanked members for the welcome he has received into the club. He spoke also about living into your values and how because of his commitment to the environment he feels that we need to undertake a tree-planting program especially in light of recent fires and the importance of assisting in the recovery of habitats.