Posted by Joy McCaffrey on Dec 18, 2018
President Ian gave his toast to Past President Joy McCaffrey for the work put into producing our Weekly Bulletin.
President Ian also gave credit to the new incoming Board for 2019 /2020 under the leadership of Ross Tingle.  A big thank you to all for giving your time so freely in order to continue to make our Club run smoothly.
He also mentioned that our CCTV Project has now been adjourned once again.
David Denning advised that we have a Bunnings BBQ set down for 15 December 2018.  Could we get volunteers to assist us on this day.
Bianca Adimari advised that she and Past President Murray Difford met with our two Youth Ambassadors regarding their role and also updating on the Little Blue Shed Project.  We have every confidence that our two Youth Ambassadors will do us proud.
Ross Tingle referred to an article in our Rotary Down Under Magazine.  A letter written by Victor Sullivan from the Rotary Club of Mornington Peninsula, “A Tribute to Paul Harris”, which Ross read out to us.  See letter further in this bulletin.
David Fisher also raised an issue, also noted in the Rotary Down Under Magazine, regarding a proposal by an African Club to dispense with Regional Rotary Magazines so as to help reduced the cost of annual dues.
Discussion took place amongst our Club Members regarding this topic and it was agreed to put forward a motion that the Rotary Club of Taree strongly objects to this proposal and endorses the continuance of Regional Rotary magazines.
Facts about Membership
PDG Ian Dyball reported on some interesting (and disturbing) observations relating to membership that came out of the Rotary Australia & New Zealand Conference held in Hobart in September.
  • In the 10 years 2008 to 2018, membership worldwide has fallen by 1%; in Australia it is down 18%, in New Zealand down 21%, in the Philippines it is up by 29%. This is one of the main driving forces for Rotary International to look at re-districting and re-aligning the districts within each zone.
In the same 10 year period, more than 1.2 million new members have been inducted into Rotary clubs worldwide, but our membership has remained essentially static at 1.2 million. The obvious conclusion from those simple statistics is that Rotarians are indeed very good at attracting new members, but the clubs cannot maintain that increase.
  • Most disturbing were the reported figures that of the members who leave Rotary, 35% would NOT recommend Rotary to another person, and 46% would not recommend their club.
Ian noted that in 2014, the Rotary club of Taree had 64 members; it is now down to 39. We have “lost” more than 35 members in the last 4 years, with some 25 of those for reasons other than transfer, death or poor health.
  • So where is Rotary going? Ian cited a quote attributed to George Bernard Shaw, who declined an invitation to address a conference, writing, "I can tell where Rotary is going without travelling to Edinburgh to find out. It is going to lunch; and that is as far as it will ever get in this country."
We should take steps to determine what our current members want/expect – do a club self evaluation using one of the tools available from RI. Consider what must NEVER change (our core values) but also consider what could/ should/MUST change that would help attract new members and retain existing members.
There is a need to better communicate our values, and the impact Rotary is having in communities around the world.
  • Participants at the conference were challenged “is your club, is Rotary, still relevant today?”