Posted by Peter Tinney on Nov 11, 2019
President Ross welcomed everyone to our meeting and proposed a Toast to PP Ian Woollard.
David Denning confirmed our program for the rest of the year.
Bruce Moy spoke about a Drought project in local towns to support communities affected by drought. The suggestion was a BBQ & drink, and an opportunity to chat about problems and challenges and share their stories. It has been suggested as a practical way to address the mental health of farmers, their families and communities. DPI suggests it is the worst drought in a very long time. A rough plan is coming together to perhaps do this at Mt George and Oxley Island initially and the aim is to try to achieve that before Christmas.
Colin Rose also raised the idea of a Women’s project for the drought communities – a fund for Hairdo’s for women in drought affected areas. Perhaps to start in Narrabri.
Dr Grace Maano spoke briefly about Fr Jason Nyiri’s visit and the beautiful Giraffe painting from Africa, being auctioned at the “African Safari” night.