Sgt at Arms Bruce Moy called the Meeting to order, and proposed a toast to RI, the Queen and the people of Australia.
President Ross thanked Bruce, welcomed everyone, thanked David Fisher for setting up ZOOM and proposed a toast to Greg Gilbert.
Dr Grace advised that the application for a grant had been unsuccessful at this time. Ian Dyball congratulated Dr Grace for her appointment to RAWCS District Board.
President Ross inducted Professors Frances Rosamond and Mike Fellows into the Rotary Club of Taree. They are sponsored by Ian Woollard, whose nomination address is attached.
Sgt at Arms Bruce conducted a fines session – charging everyone who didn’t stand for the toasts, Warren B for losing his screen, Kevin for wearing a cap and Fran and Mike for being inducted as new members.
Susie Ploder drew the winners of the 100 Club: 1st - Dianne Woollard, 2nd - Rod Lattimore and 3rd - Jacqui Roetman.