Richard McGovern, Community Liaison Officer of Westpac Rescue Helicopter came to the Rotary Club of Taree Meeting on Monday 11th April 2022 to thank  our club for the donation of $3,000 towards Westpac Rescue Helicopter, raised from our Annual Golf Day held last Australia Day 26th of Jan 2022.
Richard, who lives in Wauchope and actually played gold at our Annual Fundraising Golf Day 6 wks out of his hernia operation, described the incredible important work that Westpac Rescue Helicopters do on a daily basis.  Starting with the recent floods that devastated Lismore and damaged their Lismore base to the most recent 5-car vehicle accident at Kew where for the first time he saw 3 Westpac Helicopter aircrafts in one place (Port Macquarie Hospital) at same time - everyone in the room were in awe at the impact and the lifesaving efforts that Westpac Rescue Helicopter do for the community in the last 23 years!
Westpac Rescue Helicopter, "always there for the community delivering the highest standard of aeromedical and rescue services to those in need",  contrary to previous hearsays, is not closing down.  Richard explained how the service works with 4 bases, now down to 3 with Lismore base under flood, 2 bases in Newcastle (one for operations and one for maintenance/support) and 1 in Tamworth -  they are all one and are operating under NSW Health!  Each rescue full flight costs $4,000 - usually 5 rescue flights per week but this week alone they have already done 7 flights.  They have 4 helicopters - but 1 in full maintenance, they operate with 3 helicopters every time.  The need now is for a new base and a new helicopter!
Rotarian Kevin Sharp explained the proceedings at our annual Golf Fundraising Day and presented Richard with the donation from our club.
Richard pointed out that the Rotary logo is now in the Tamworth Westpac Rescue helicopter.  Proposal is under negotiations for the Rotary logo to be on all the Westpac Rescue Helicopters - with each club in the district to donate $1000.   Richard emphasized the fact that 'we can't do what we do' without the support provided by organizations like Rotary.... expressed his THANK YOU!
TO donate and support Westpac Rescue Helicopters: